The Wallies are an American rock band from Sarasota, Florida.

Singer-songwriter Neven Skoro moved to United States from Croatia at a young age to attend school in Fort Myers, Florida. While in school, Neven played guitar in several local rock bands that failed to take off.

Soon after he moved to Sarasota, he met his best friend and the band’s guitarist, Myles Edwin. In the summer of 2010 they recruited bassist Ryan Hurst and drummer Drew Silverman to form a rock band. Aiming to bring the kind of music and shows they loved from the U.K. to the U.S.

With their fusion of 60’s surf rock and post-punk revival, The Wallies are quickly turning heads. Just a few months after forming, a home-demo recording was released which sparked a demand for live shows as well as the attention of local press and radio stations. The Wallies live shows have been described as raw, honest and energetic with the kind of no-frills performances that leave the audiences wanting more.



Their Debut EP “Cream” had downloaded 2000 copies in the first week of being released online. Shortly after the launch of their debut EP, the drummer Drew Silverman announced he was moving to Austin, Texas to pursue other opportunities. Long time friend of the band, Antonio Vargas joined in on drums.

Their first music video, for the single ‘What I Like About You is You’re Rock Bottom’, recorded by Ben Homola of Bad Books, was released in June of 2012.


The Wallies are:

Neven Skoro – Vocals/Guitar
Myles Edwin – Guitar
Ryan Hurst – Bass
Antonio Vargas – Drums

Past Members:

Drew Silverman – Drums