The Wallies are an American rock band from Sarasota, Florida.

Unafraid to wear their rock influences proudly on their sleeve, The Wallies smoothly blended the sounds and moods of The Beach Boys, Arctic Monkeys, The Jam, and The Libertines to create their own brand of fast paced melodic indie rock n roll.

And with their fusion of 60’s surf rock and post-punk revival, The Wallies are quickly turning heads. Just a few months after forming, a home-demo recording was released which sparked a demand for live shows as well as the attention of local press and radio stations all around their home state of Florida. The Wallies live shows have been described as raw, honest and energetic with the kind of no-frills performances that leave the audiences wanting more.

The Wallies are:

Neven Skoro – Vocals, Guitar
Myles Edwin – Guitar
Antonio Vargas – Drums
Ryan Hurst – Bass