Track listing for the new EP ‘Vanilla Sex’ coming out in April via Tone Deaf and Drunk Recordings:

1. Mellow And Rockus
2. Tom Cruisin
3. Put Me To Bed
4. Watch Them All Flock
5. Have Love Will Travel
6. Not Very Picky
7. All of You

Cover Art:


The Wallies are heading out on a Florida tour to support ‘Sugar’ EP. Check out the dates below.
 JULY 4 – Saint Augustine, FL – Planet Sarbez
 JULY 5 – Daytona Beach, FL – Atlantic Sounds
 JULY 6 – Melbourne, FL – Boondocks
 JULY 7 – Tampa, FL – Epic Problem
 JULY 8 – Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
 JULY 9 – Gainesville, FL – The Salt
 JULY 10 – Jacksonville, FL – Shanty Town Pub
 JULY 11 – Sarasota, FL – Growlers
 JULY 12 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – The Bubble

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What’s the story behind the band’s name?

While growing up in Croatia Haz?rl?klar in the 90s, Neven used to watch a lot of cheap NFL jerseys British Sitcoms on television. Only Fools and Horses was one of those TV shows that him and his brother would watch all the time. So between video games, bottomless soda, and euro- snacks, Neven would watch Only Fools and Horses. And on one of the episodes Del Boy kept on calling his brother’s band a bunch of wallies, and the name just sort Wholesale Miami Dolphins Jerseys of stuck. Years later when re-watching an episode of the show, we found it fitting to call our band The Wallies.

How was it to work with Ben Homola?

It was great. Ben and Neven have been friends for years and they’ve always cheap NFL jerseys worked well together. Ben’s got a great ear Analogy for all types of music and over the past few months he’s played a big role in helping us develop our sound for the upcoming record.

So talk to us more about your newest music video for What I Like About You is You’re Rock Bottom. How was it filming it and all that?

The idea of the music video was to simply introduce the band to the world without any specific plot or tricks. wholesale nfl jerseys The filming of the music video was definitely a process. Probably the biggest difficulty in filming it was trying to look good through the entire three minutes of the video. Not everyone looks good in long sleeved clothing, sweating out in the sun. Although the song does not appear on our first EP, Cream, it was actually the first song we learned together as a band. It felt great to finally get that song out there and showcase it as our first release.

It was great working with Rodney Woosley : on the video. We all think he did a great job, and he was really able to capture the feeling of how our band really is when we are around each other. It helped that Neven and Rodney were such close friends, because we were all 1914 able to quickly gather a sense of comfort with having a camera shoved in 吹き出物で一番大事なことは our faces.

The music video will air on Fuse On Demand this August, and you can also watch it Salinas on YouTube.

What are your music influences?

We all listen to different types of music, but we all share some common interests. Mainly 60s and 70s greats such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Doors and garage rock revivals such as The Strokes, The White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys.

Are there any plans for the near future we should be aware of?

Yes, our debut album titled ‘Cream’ just came out and In we are already working hard on the follow up which will be released later this year. We’re big into film and visual arts as well so you can expect a lot of DIY music videos to be released in the near future.

What has been the funniest moment you guys have been or took part while touring?

Remember that time that Neven broke the caster off of Myles’s cab by rolling it across the cobblestones, and Album Myles page had to play with his cab sideways ever since? Yeah, that wasn’t funny it sucked.

Oh shit, or the time Drew was playing, and on the last hit of the last song of our set, he fell over cheap NFL jerseys backwards and disappeared.

Or, the time at cheap NBA jerseys our CD Release show, where Neven threw a CD like a damn Frisbee and beamed a dude and a girl in the forehead with a CD. What a great way to get someone to listen wholesale NBA jerseys to your album.

Do you guys feel you are moving on the right direction?

As a new band, we are definitely starting to develop our sound, so in terms of the band moving in the right direction for the music, absolutely. Stefan In the beginning of the band, we were just wholesale NFL jerseys anxious to get together and for play. Now, we are mostly focused on, “ok, how do we want to sound?” and we are allowing our sound to develop through the process of song writing, rehearsals, and live shows.

Playing live has been a great experience for us by allowing us to get some feedback from the crowd. I mean, we think we’re writing a hit song every time, and in reality, that’s not always the case.

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The cheap jerseys cheap jerseys cheap jerseys Wallies cheap mlb jerseys have cheap jerseys the Hes ability Johnny to Gh? wear their influences proudly on their sleeves while still creating something that is entirely their own. Sugar is a welcome addition to the slew of great albums coming out this year.

What we have here is something new and refreshing. It isn’t exactly groundbreaking or musically adventurous, but these four musicians have come together and created a sound that can’t really be described by just naming off a list of similar bands. They have come a long way from their demo “Cream” which, while well received, drew more than a few comparisons to the Arctic Monkeys.

The band used a Wurlitzer electric piano from the 1970’s on the album, and it’s tones add a pleasant backdrop to the band’s already sunny vibe. Songs like “Wait For You” and “The Exit Sign”, while upbeat and high energy, benefit from a laid-back quality provided by Skoro’s drawn-out and relaxed vocal style. It’s an interesting contrast, and definitely one that assists in making this album have such an original sound to it. The music, as stated before, can be derivative at times, but the influences always serve their ultimate purpose.

They may stick out like a sore thumb in some instances (the closer “Blame It On Luck” features a guitar lead eerily similar to the one in Weezer’s “Buddy Holly”) but they never creep in far enough to be a blatant copy and serve to further the enigmatic quality of the album. You might hear a few choice notes or a chord progression that sound like a song you have heard a million times, but five seconds later, they just sound like The Wallies again. It is exactly this quality that, in my opinion, marks a truly great band: the ability to wear your influences proudly on your sleeves while still creating something that is entirely your own.

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