Croatian-American rocker, Neven Skoro, knows it’s hard to get away from underneath the shadow of his famous uncle and singer, Miroslav Skoro, who made the last name ‘Škoro’ synonymous with Croatian pop music. After binging on 90s rock albums by Nirvana, Green Day, and Oasis, Neven decided to start playing guitar.

Not shy to say exactly what’s on his mind, he used to listen to Green Day every day, ‘back when they were good’ he says with a cheeky smile while starting to sing ‘Do you have the time to listen to me whine?’. It’s this level of honesty that often gets him in trouble when meeting his heroes. And in the now infamous meeting with Alkaline Trio in Orlando after a gig where he was asked if he enjoyed their set, he simply responded with ‘It wasn’t very good’. He claims he still very much likes them.

In another story told by his bandmates, he left a Kings of Leon concert after just two songs in L.A. due to boredom. ‘They were good when they were sh*t, ya know?’ he says while looking on his cracked phone for their album. Often compared to Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, he says he doesn’t mind the comparison because they rock, but he doesn’t really see it. ‘If the Arctic Monkeys are the new Beatles then we are the new Knack’, he responds while laughing.

The Wallies LP was produced by Danny Reisch (White Denim, Shearwater) outside of Austin TX, arriving later this year. – Mike Abram, PR, Tone Deaf And Drunk Rec.

– Sarasota, Florida.

“Florida’s greatest rock export”

The Wallies, Florida’s greatest rock export since Tom Petty –

“The band of Floridian rockers/rollers”

If the Strokes finally gave into their mothers’ wishes and all took showers, they’d probably towel off and start writing songs that sound like the Wallies –

“Must See Act at Antiwarpt Festival”

The Wallies Hailing from Sarasota, The Wallies are a bunch of dirty-mouthed garage rock bad boys — and we mean that in the best way possible. Heartache, hatred, and moments of passion are the general themes of every song, “I don’t give a damn” vocals mixed with thick guitar licks and piled on top of heavy bass drum and cymbal-crashing rhythms. It’s the sort of rock music made for riding a motorcycle down a lonely highway. – Creative Loafing

“A Perfect Storm”

“Few local acts have risen in popularity as fast as The Wallies, nor had as much excitement surrounding a debut arrival. Upon hitting the scene in late 2010, the quartet quickly earned a reputation as a must-see stage act.” – Herald Tribune

“Sexy Rock ‘n Roll”

“At Wallies shows, the effect is like being strapped into an electric chair of non-stop, ferociously sexy rock and roll.” – This Week In Sarasota