“Florida’s greatest rock export”

The Wallies, Florida’s greatest rock export since Tom Petty –

“The band of Floridian rockers/rollers”

If the Strokes finally gave into their mothers’ wishes and all took showers, they’d probably towel off and start writing songs that sound like the Wallies –

“Must See Act at Antiwarpt Festival”

The Wallies Hailing from Sarasota, The Wallies are a bunch of dirty-mouthed garage rock bad boys — and we mean that in the best way possible. Heartache, hatred, and moments of passion are the general themes of every song, “I don’t give a damn” vocals mixed with thick guitar licks and piled on top of heavy bass drum and cymbal-crashing rhythms. It’s the sort of rock music made for riding a motorcycle down a lonely highway. – Creative Loafing

“A Perfect Storm”

“Few local acts have risen in popularity as fast as The Wallies, nor had as much excitement surrounding a debut arrival. Upon hitting the scene in late 2010, the quartet quickly earned a reputation as a must-see stage act.” – Herald Tribune

“Sexy Rock ‘n Roll”

“At Wallies shows, the effect is like being strapped into an electric chair of non-stop, ferociously sexy rock and roll.” – This Week In Sarasota